Join us as we close the

Jubilee Year Celebrations!

Join us in the St Mary’s Jubilee Prayer


O Most High and Glorious God

as we close this golden jubilee,

we remember with gratitude

Your countless blessings on us

as we continue our journey

to restore faith, hope and love.

Give us courage and strength

through the compassion of the Cross

and the joy of the resurrection:

bringing pardon and reconciliation

faith and hope in our every struggle and despair.

May Your Holy Spirit strengthen our families

and help us to be in solidarity with the poor

through the love of St Francis and our Lord:

living and proclaiming the joy of Your Gospel

in our brothers, sisters and all creation.

Through the intercession of

Our Lady of the Angels,

and through the prayers of St Francis,

St Clare and all Your holy people,

as we close this jubilee,may Your graces

continue to flow in and through us

for the generations to come.



Holy Father,

we give you thanks

for the memory of your blessed servant,

St Francis.

May this remembrance help us to live truly as brothers and sisters,

following the footsteps

of the poor and humble Christ.

And so, we humbly implore your blessing,

that we may have the courage and wisdom

to put into practice what we profess

with our lips.


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