#LiveJubilee > Live • Give • Receive


As part of the #LiveJubilee campaign, we encourage you to make a pledge to Live the Jubilee fully through daily prayer, participating in our online Liturgy and Masses, as well as to get involved in our online communities. Reach out to someone in your life that may need help.

Give Jubilee

We are not just asking for donations or financial contribution, we hope you will also give of your time, talents and expertise.

Do aid us in our social mission to reach the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the many people who are affected by this pandemic.

Receive Jubilee

This season of our Jubilee is also an excellent time to receive many blessings from God and our community. If you are experiencing difficulties and have a need, do not hesitate to apply for assistance through our Jubilee Solidarity Fund. Applications open from 13 June. Do register your interest now.