A Small Act of Gifting

Celebrating our Jubilee Year at St Mary of the Angels

Jubilee Gift Pack Collection

& Jubilee Wine Purchase

A Message from the Friars

Dear Friends,


Peace and Good!


When we first planned the Jubilee celebrations, we had intended to sponsor 50 bottles of wine and olive oil for 50 families. We had hoped that a vintage inspired by St Francis; giving thanks and praising God for our sister Mother Earth would have you use the wine and oil to reach out, reconnect, renew and reconcile with old friends; and toast to new ones. We wanted to collect stories and share them with others – stories of reconciliation, stories of healing and of fraternal relationships. We had hoped to have these stories as part of our Easter sharing. However, because of the pandemic, our shipment was delayed. 


Today as we approach Christmas and the close of 2020, we have to admit that it has been a difficult year and one of unexpected changes. In some ways the challenges we face can be mirrored by the circumstances that confronted Mary and Joseph. Their lives were turned upside down by unexpected events too. Mary found herself in a situation; that was not “normal” and that required a faith and a fiat that was more than one could naturally expect; Joseph’s plans for his future were upturned and he had to change his course of action.


But it did not stop there. As Christmas approached, things got worse, not better. The decree for the census was promulgated and with Mary heavily pregnant, the couple had to travel, and they found no room in the inn. How bad could it get? I am sure the offering of a stable, was viewed as respite and consolation. Something small, unexpected, perhaps even audaciously crude; yet it told a story of sublime love.


In this spirit, we want to engage in a small act of gifting you a bottle of wine and olive oil. We hope it may bring you or your friends comfort and respite. Instead of the original 50 bottles, the story of the sublime love in the manger will see us living our Jubilee motto: “To Life and Blessings”; and so instead of 50, we will now sponsor 50 x 50 bottles! It is a gift from the Parish to 2,500 families.


We hope that each family receiving a bottle of wine and blessed olive oil will in turn pay it forward by strongly considering to gift others with these sets of wine and oil; to share with them the blessings that they receive: to soothe, restore, refresh, reinvigorate old friendships and to toast to new ones.


You may choose to use the envelopes to assist us in this venture of reaching out to fellow parishioners and friends to pay it forward by helping us finance this project and making a donation to the Parish or by purchasing the wine and oil. They make truly beautiful gifts especially when viewed from the sacred perspectives of “Oil of Gladness” and “Cup of Blessings”.


Pax et Bonum

To Life and Blessings!

Friars Esmond, Gerard and Mike


Our Jubilee Wine and Olive Oil

Custom blended 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon from South Australia and blessed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Gift Pack


The Wine

It is a vintage inspired by St Francis of Assisi, to praise God in creation. We have commissioned the DiGiorgio Family Coonawarra vineyard to carefully cultivate and blend a full-bodied, dry red wine showing lifted blackcurrant, raspberry and black olives with soft, fine tannins. This Cabernet Sauvignon has a long finish with toasty, spicy oak spilling onto the palate to celebrate life, goodness and blessings.


The Olive Oil

Since the time of Noah, the olive branch has been symbol of peace, St Francis of Assisi was an artisan of peace. This extra virgin olive oil has been pressed in this beautiful bottle to allow you to enjoy it with food and in your cooking so that your lives may also reverberate with the oil of gladness and peace.

What better way to send out St Francis gift of peace than to pair up a bottle of St Mary’s Wine with a bottle of olive oil? Flavour your relationships with a sprinkle of this specially curated St Mary’s Olive Oil and sweeten the meal with a glass of St Mary’s Wine.


Collection Point:

Gubbio (Level 1) at Church of St Mary of the AngelsMain Entrance (near outdoor carpark)

Requirements for Entry:

√ Online Booking Confirmation Email on Go.StMary.sg

√ Safe Entry Check in

√ Temperature Checks Complete

√ Completed Order Form (will be provided on site) for Collection & Sales

Please follow all the instructions of our St Mary safety ambassadors as we have a limited number of people allowed in the venue at any time.

Terms & Conditions:

Each household residing at one address will receive 1 gift pack only. You will be required to login to myCatholic.sg to show that you are a parishioner of St Mary of the Angels.

Online Booking is required for both collection and sales. Strictly no walk-in requests.

Parishioners without an online booking or with incomplete order form will not be able to collect the gift.

Collection of gift packs and sale of wine are available while stocks last.

Gift Collection and Wine Purchase Booking: CLOSED

A Small Act of Gifting from Church of St Mary of the Angels

FINAL UPDATE 29 Dec 2020 Jubilee Wine (single, double gift pack, carton) are FULLY SOLD OUT! (Praise the Lord!)

The Collection of the Gift Packs for Parishioners was from 19 Dec to 27 Dec 2020!

No further extension for gift pack collection and wine sale beyond 28 Dec 2020.


Sat 26 Dec 2020


2:00pm to 6:00pm

Gift Pack Collection & Wine Sales

30-min per session / 2 sessions per hour

Maximum of 25 persons per session

Sun 27 Dec 2020


8:00am to 12:00pm (LAST DAY)

Gift Pack Collection & Wine Sales

30-min per session / 2 sessions per hour

Maximum of 25 persons per session

Thu 24 Dec 2020


11:00am to 8:00pm

Gift Pack Collection & Wine Sales

30-min per session / 2 sessions per hour

Maximum of 25 persons per session

Fri 25 Dec 2020


10:00am to 6:00pm

Gift Pack Collection & Wine Sales

30-min per session / 2 sessions per hour

Maximum of 25 persons per session

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